The Core Features of Auction Goblin Part 3: Professions Page

by Auction Goblin Team
The Professions page is going to look a lot like the prices page, and it does in-fact share a lot of similarities.
Instead of browsing items, however, you are browsing profession recipes, which means you might find fewer results than a regular item search.
Profitability is still calculated by the resulting item auction price.
Another similarity the Profession page has with the Prices page is the ability to pre-populate the selected items with filters on the side. Instead of collections however, you'll see a list of professions and clicking on one of them will list all of the recipe spells in that profession. Note that some professions like herbalism do not have any spells in classic.
Recipes are listing in ascending skill order and results are paginated, so once you reach the end of the page you'll can click "View more recipes" to view the next 25 results. Once you've reached the end of the recipe list (aka the highest skill recipes), the button will say "No more recipes found".