The Core Features of Auction Goblin Part 4: Item Page

by Auction Goblin Team
The item page is perhaps one of the richest in terms of information as well as features. It is the crown jewel of Auction Goblin and arguably the reason this website even exists. Why? Becuase of the price history chart of course!
The Price History chart allows some for some really interesting findings when making your purchasing decisions on the Auction House. You can often see correlations between volume and prices, as well as patterns that coincide closely with weekends or raid reset days.
When it comes to updating prices, Auction Goblin fetches data from the Official Blizzard API once per hour (which is the maximum rate set by Blizzard for this kind of stuff). USA servers are scanned at 20 minutes past the hour (1:20, 2:20, 3:20) and EU servers are scanned at 40 minutes past the hour. Both operations usually take 5 minutes to complete as there are usually more than 9million rows of data per scan! This means that if you want the freshest data on Auction Goblin, you can refresh prices at :25 or :45.
When looking at the price distribution graph, keep in mind that these prices are placed evenly into "buckets" of price ranges. For example in the above image, 3 buckets go from 92c to 99c making the bucket price ranged from 92c~95.5c and from 95.5c~99c, however, we just show the lower bound as the label. This chart is basically to give a visual idea of what the median price looks like, what you decide do with that information is up to you, goblin! 😄
Lastly, at the bottom of the page you will see any related recipes for that item. For example if that item can be created by a profession recipe, then you will see a "Created By" section, and if the item is used to craft something else, you will see a "Reagent For" section. You can browse these recipes just like the ones found in the Professions Page, and when you expand the recipe it will show you the material costs and profitability of each recipe as usual.
What I didn't cover in this blog post are the stats found at the top of item page, however, those are fairly self explanatory. To clarify, the "total market" stat only counts the auctions with a buyout price, which is consistent with the rest of the website (as we don't really care about bid prices, only buyout). Same can be said about the "No. Units Listed", this statistic only tracks buyout auctions as well.
I hope all this information helps! Now get out there and earn some coin!